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gun bois [shooter game]
tipollae (36)

A little game I am making, not finished but here is a little taste of it. Feel free to give me feed back on your thoughts about the game so far


W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move.

Left click to shoot.

Enjoy :)

EdwardBentler (35)

Amazing game, really fun, I just want to know if the A.I. is supposed to be able to spray bullets, if yes, can I spray bullets?

tipollae (36)

No you can't spray bullets but only the bot can, without this it will to easy to beat lol. @EdwardBentler

r3b0rn (28)

@r3b0rn i think i glitched something

tipollae (36)

oh yeah :p, sometimes when the bot jumps on you or shoots you with the laser thingy you go inside the wall, I am trying to fix it but when I do more bugs happen. Sorry about that. @r3b0rn

tipollae (36)

I fixed it now, it should now prevent you from going inside it @r3b0rn