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Many schools have decided to start filtering out sites such as Replit which allows students to code in the browser. Some schools have called this site a "distraction" as students are choosing to learn computer science and programming as opposed to working on other subjects. This is a problem for many teachers who use Replit, as it takes away a vital educational tool. We're looking to get Replit unblocked in schools. Not only is it an educational tool, but it is helping to inspire young people to pursue computer science, which is a growing need in our advancing world. You all know how valuable Replit is, you are the power we need to get this problem solved once and for all.

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dude you make 100% good points, but there is good reason that schools block Replit. While it may be educational, Replit runs on servers that schools can't control. You know what other servers schools can't control... VPNs and just open up a python repl and launch a web browser you got an "unblocker" as people here call it. My school required some convincing (and calling a favor with the IT dude) to get Replit unblocked but they accept the risks of allowing too smart kids to abuse the platform and it;s intentions.

@RayhanADev Well, the kids that code their way to freedom have earned it, don't you think?