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shadows — Multiplayer Shadowy Halloween Maze Game!
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Welp, I misread the timestamp on the bramjam, so I guess I can't submit this, but I'm posting it here anyway! ( @bramley that is right, correct?)

This was a little experiment in raycasting and FOV graphics. The goal is to get to the green light at the end of the maze... the problem is that you only have a tiny lantern which casts light in one direction! So, it's basically a maze game where you can't see the goal, only what you could see in real life. Sounds fun, eh? :D

There is a server, so you can race your friends to the end. Additionally, you can drop beacons to help others out... provided that you're going the right way!

Gameplay Images

Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 12.53.00 PM
Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 12.52.49 PM
Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 12.52.21 PM


  • WASD/Arrow keys to move
  • SPACE to drop beacon


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@fuzzyastrocat well what method are you taking? I never tried raycasting but I think I know the ideas behind it. If you use line intercepts, which in this case you could easily do so since all the walls are perfect mod 90 and the player rotation is also stored, it won't be a toll on the server

If you're just doing like a while loop and incrementing some coordinate by 1 each time then seeing if it is on a line or something, then that's really inefficient and slow