[GAME] Shot in the Dark — A fun puzzle game with a warm glow aesthetic! 🔥
fuzzyastrocat (1513)

Adventure through dimly lit passages with only a few glowing torches to help guide you on your way. Encounter shifting walls, tricky puzzles, and mysterious enemies. Enjoy a calming, warm aesthetic with minimalist graphics.

All this and more in my new game, Shot in the Dark!

Shot in the Dark is a puzzle game with one simple rule — you can only move between tiles that have similar colors. So, you can move from a black tile to a dark grey tile, but not from a black tile to a white tile. The complexity arises from the additional challenges added throughout the levels — I won't spoil it all for you, you'll have to play the game to find out!

You can play the game here. All instructions are in-game — but I'll list them here too:

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • R to reset level
  • You are the circle, the goal is the square

Gameplay photos:

If you have any suggestions, please give them! This took a long time to make, so I'd really appreciate any feedback!

(Some of the levels may be challenging — but I can assure you, they are all possible!)

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RolandJLevy (1052)

@fuzzyastrocat, another thing worth considering is making your code with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm so your code is more organised, readable and reusable. This seems to be a general approach for programmers who make games.

This is something I've started to do recently and it has been a great help. I made my Sliders and Solitaire game using OOP.

Here is a really good tutorial on making Tetris using OOP

Here is a youtube video on making Pacman using OOP

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

@rjlevy Thanks for the suggestion! However, this is an insanely old project (well, I started it a long time ago), so I kinda kept around the bad code practices rather than rewriting the whole thing (which I probably should do at some point when I have the time.) For a better example of my work, object-orientation-wise, see here. I think the reason this ended up so messy is because it started off as a tiny puzzle game, and then I added tons of aesthetics, levels, etc.

RolandJLevy (1052)

@fuzzyastrocat ah, OK - sorry about that! Yes, I can see you're totally comfortable with OOP - I hope my comment wasn't too annoying! 😀

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

@rjlevy Oh, not at all, I'm always fine with things like that.

(I'm not being sarcastic, and this text isn't supposed to be sarcastic either :D)

RolandJLevy (1052)

@fuzzyastrocat oh, that's good. I think your game and your coding is great :)

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

@rjlevy Thanks! Same goes for you :)