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Physics Engine (Kinda)
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Physics engine, still in progress.


So, all you have to do is the following.
Click and drag and then release to launch a box.
The longer you hold down the mouse, the more mass it has.
The phyiscs are all homebrew and pretty simple.
Please vote if you like it, and bananas are welcome payment.

Any questions? Ask!

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actually since it's uniform on all sides you literally only have to account for 1 point at the bare minimum and run some physics depending on their velocities to determine how much they're offset. The actual direction isn't too difficult either (obviously comparing to irregular polygons) because you can use basic trigonometry to determine which direction the ball bounces, since there's only two variations of colliding up and colliding past, there aren't too many cases to consider, and you could hard code it if you want.