🔲 Mirror 🔳 - My Other Programming Language!


I made another language. It's called Mirror.

It's statically typed and riddled with bugs. It's coded using Rust and transpiles down to C++.

I only had like 10 hours to make this so it isn't much. And this is also my first time coding in Rust so the code is really bad.

I'll probably revisit this sometime in the future though.

Check out its GitHub repo!

Here's Mirror's syntax.

Mirror has a built in print function that acts as standard output.

Variables are created using the set keyword. Their type is automagically deduced.

Conditionals are as expected.

Functions are defined using the def keyword.

Ranged based for loops are also supported.

And arrays.

And that's it!

Write code in the source.mir file. Here's some code to reverse your name. Try it out!

Enjoy :)

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ew include! macro
if you want to try cargo maybe you can try an old enemy friend @Coder100's template known as RUST PACKAGES POG POG CRATE MOMENT or something like that. I'll make a flipping tutorial on the grammatical implications of pog, it's waiting to happen

Hope you know about the early return operator:

foo()? is short hand for

Hope that clears things up



here you go spreading your eye rape syntax highlighting again

LMAOOO @firefish


@firefish didn't have time to learn cargo, and yes, I know what the ? does


@DynamicSquid i can er teach you lol
it need no learning


@firefish it's fine lol. oh, how's mat1's pinger? is it keeping the cdn alive?


@DynamicSquid er better check