PIthon: A 100% free crowdsourced Pi host.

PIthon is a crowdsourced Pi calculator that runs with Python. It lets you use your Repl.it hacker plan for a cause (I don't have hacker plan. I hear hacker plan is faster then no hacker plan)! Just press the run button and input your username then how many digits you want to contribute and it will process! JUST DO IT (not plagiarism... right?). It's quick and easy to do. A question in the share section: Is there any way to hide the importing part where it imports the 5000 modules I use?

Direct run link


Yay! I was featured!

10000 digits?!?!?!


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@ebest i'm pretty sure other users can't access your .env
even if they're just trying to open it using the program they're running that you wrote
try logging out of your account and run it