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☁️ Live World-wide Weather Forecast Teller.
OldWizard209 (1601)

Weather Forecaster.

This is a website I made, while I was practicing my BackEnd skills with Node. I also wanted to test out [OpenWeatherMap's API], and in case you are wondering what that is, fell free to check it out.

Other than the live weather display, I also made a form which you can use to tell which cities, forecast you want. Also, you can get the weather in °C(Celsius), °F(Fahrenheit), K(Kelvin).

And here is the weather Display. It is pretty simple because my main focus was to use a server to do this, and not make it all fancy with CSS.

To use the website, make sure to press the run button, and if you enter a city that doesn't exist, then you will receive an error page.

Packages I used:

I hope you enjoy this and feel free to suggest any features below. Signing off for now, OLDWIZARD209

ch1ck3n (2309)

why is there two semicolons

OldWizard209 (1601)

my bad, removed it.

Thanks for pointing it out tho. @ch1ck3n

ChopSueyMaster (50)

hmm, this seems to be a pretty easy idea but i will take it....
or maybe i m too good

OldWizard209 (1601)

like i said, this is simple, but i was just supposed to be testing myself, not making anything fancy @ChopSueyMaster