Little Empire v1.01 || SAVE SYSTEM ADDED!!!
Funkus (238)

It's an attempt of me making an empire simulation game on the console/ terminal and it came out very well!

Now you can SAVE DATA (in beta version)

You can
-Hire troops
-Build bases
-Collect taxes
-Attack enemy empires
-Save DATA
-And MORE(coming soon)!!!

This game will be receiving weekly updates :)

If it has any bugs, plz let me know so that I can fix it.

Have a nice day, and don't forget to upvote if you like it :)

Edit: the save feature only works if you forked the repl, or copy pasted it and made it your own. Or copy this and paste this on your local IDE like eclipse, or IntelliJ or something like that.

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Leroy01010 (409)

can they be real people please @Funkus