EcoCode: Competitive Code Golfing Online
MrEconomical (2288)

Test your code golf skills

Inspired by the many code golf challenges on and elsewhere in the past, I created EcoCode, an online competitive code golfing website. Code golf is the programming challenge of solving problems in the shortest number of characters possible. EcoCode gives you an environment to attempt to solve a variety of programming challenges in the shortest number of characters using JavaScript.

Compete on the leaderboards

Every one of the 14 unique challenges ranging in difficulty from easy to very hard has its very own leaderboard. Your solutions are automatically processed then placed on the leaderboard by number of characters. Compete on the general leaderboard for the shortest solutions overall with your score being the sum of the scores of all your solutions. See who is the best code golfer!

Online coding environment

EcoCode has an embedded code editor using Ace and also allows you to test your code on the fly. No need for another IDE or the JavaScript console, write, test, and submit your code directly in EcoCode.

Mobile support

EcoCode was one of my first projects using responsive web design. No matter how wide your window is, EcoCode is still usable. With mobile support, attempt code golf challenges or check the leaderboards wherever you are.

repl auth

Log into EcoCode directly with your account, username, and pfp with the wonders of repl auth! Note that repl auth is still very much in beta and can be a bit buggy on some browsers and some platforms.

Can you be the champion code golfer? Find out on EcoCode today!


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