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Zombies // An endless survival game

This is a zombies game made by me and @LiamSchenck for the Game Jam! We’re two freshmen in high school and we started making this project about a week and a half before the challenge officially started. It’s currently a finished game, although there are several features that we have in mind that we didn’t have time to include, so we’ll update it in the future.

How to Play

Zombies is an endless survival game, the objective of which is to shoot all the zombies to prevent them from breaking down your wall and destroying the town behind it. There are multiple types of zombies and upgradeable weapons to provide a large variety of possibilities. You can use our intuitive UI to customize the difficulty and even the color scheme the game uses, as well as play our instructive tutorial to easily learn how to play the game!

The Future

Here are some of the features that we have planned for later updates:

  • Improving the color schemes / adding new ones
  • Weather
  • New weapons
    • Placeable traps, such as mines
    • Some type of laser
  • Different types of walls, maybe some that can be destroyed
  • A large mounted crossbow on the wall
  • Reinforcements
  • Sound effects
  • Improved graphics (death animations)
  • And more!
    Keep in mind none of these features are certain, but they are all things we are considering.

Changelog since post

  • Added a grass texture
  • Nothing else so far :/

That’s about it! If you have any suggestions or if you notice a bug please let us know in the comments so we can update it as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy!


IMO it would be so much better if you had some grass texture, but that's down to how hard it will be to implement all colors schemes to it. You really do have a chance to win!


@liltaco Thanks for the feedback! Grass textures would be pretty cool, but might be hard to get right. We'll certainly consider it!


This is really cool. The only suggestion I have is to add instructions in-game incase anyone can't figure out how to play. (This is clearly my evergreen reco to people...)


@KatyaDelaney Thanks! We have a how to play menu with a tutorial, but I guess it might take a little longer than people would prefer to go through the tutorial


I think this game is pretty fun. The tutorial really helps. Kinda sucks how when I move up and down so does my web page, but that's negligible. Check out our game, called VOL, its pretty challenging too.


@AbrahamTinajero Thanks! Are you playing the game in the editor on this page? From our experience it doesn't scroll if you open it in a new tab, but if it does in a new tab for you we'll need to fix it. And I'll definitely check it out when I get the chance!


@LiamSchenck Yeah, I was playing on this page. I think the up down movement is default everywhere on the internet, but playing on the repl page itself worked fine.


@AbrahamTinajero If you click the button to the right of the link in the result window (shown in screenshot) it should take you to a new tab that doesn't scroll. It's good that it works fine on this page too though


Very fun game! It would be nice if you added a scope feature, maybe as a misc upgrade? I don't know. I just thought it would be cool.


@SeananShanks Thanks for the feedback! We did try out a scope for a while in development, but never got it to look good. We'll revisit the concept, because it would be fun and useful, but we don't want to make it look bad.


huh good game, its a little slow though