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ZealousOS v1.2.0 (Reimagined)
Crcoli7307 (27)

Welcome to ZealousOS!

What's New?

We have added many new things to ZealousOS! Here's what's new!

Better Error Handling!

We are trying our best to prevent errors inside of ZealousOS. Remember that any unverified code change may still create errors.

Upgraded Troubleshooter!

We've upgraded the troubleshooter to now do print verification as well as script verification!

Safer boot!

Our new boot script (v1.3.0) is 3x safer than our original boot sequence!

Now accepting developer applications!

Apply for a developer position!

Version Meanings

So not to be confused with our HTML version of ZealousOS, versions starting with v1.. mean the version is written in Python and v2.. means the program is written in HTML.

See you all in the next version and leave your comments below!
Codemonkey51 (1049)

I recommend doing import login Instead of exec(open("").read()) because import executes all code in it doing the same thing but faster + safer