sugarfi (630)

ReplitCLI is a CLI tool to interact with repls from your local machine. It is built on top of Crosis, the API, and it allows you to pull from repls, and run and push to them if you have an API key. If you are interested, you can install it on your computer with npm: npm install -g replitcli. Then, you can use the replitcli command to run the tool. For more info and a tutorial, see the README on github.

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Scoder12 (885)

You could save one dependency by removing the text-encoder-lite package. Instead of encoder.decode(obj) you can just use the builtin Buffer.from(obj).toString(). Likewise for encoding you could use Buffer.from(str).toString("base64"). Just a tip to shave a couple seconds off your install time (I realized this while working on my own crosis project). Nice job!

sugarfi (630)

@Scoder12 thanks for the tip, I will add this in a future version!