Make a username!
CarolineAbott (6)

Make a username and a password, and sign in like you actually made the acc!

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Ganesha1 (39)

Works really well I put in my password for and it worked!

JagTheFriend (0)

@Ganesha1 Is that your replit password (like for real)?
If it is, then delete this comment as a hacker might again access to your replit account

Ganesha1 (39)

@JagTheFriend No that is wrong it is my not only my password for repl but also for my youtube, paypal, steam, github, netflix, all of my minecraft accounts and my banking password.

Ganesha1 (39)

The only thing I do not use that password for is my discord account which is "gan_atrax32!" but other than that you are very wrong.