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Word Scrambler
wadwadxhaiden (12)

Enter a word and it will scramble it for you. Helpful for making escape rooms, riddles, games, cool worksheets, or just having fun. Look out for the easter 'egg' built in.

ShivankChhaya (240)

BUG: I tried scrambling a word, and it gave me the word again. Figure out a way to make sure that doesn't happen.

DhirajBaid (3)

I have a suggestion
Use OS library to clear the terminal after the word was scarbled


import time
import os
#ur code
time.sleep(#you can keep the delay as you want)

wadwadxhaiden (12)

@DhirajBaid I contemplated doing that when I originally made the game, but i decided against it because this way, you can always see what you did before, and depending on what people are using this for, it is better if they can see everything they previously entered.