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blastzonekid2 (4)

I finally got done with my game thanks to the help from the Replit discord server!!
Please play the game, it would mean a lot to me as it took months to make.
I created this with a tutorial on YouTube.
WASD to move
P to pause
Space to open shop
Esc to close game

Vandesm14 (2642)

Please don't ask for upvotes

Whippingdot (561)

cool, the only thing is that when the big red thing comes you can just stay at the top forever.

Coder100 (16967)

Although replit is a bad place to host this as it is so slow xd

Coder100 (16967)

internet speed smh my head @Whippingdot

blastzonekid2 (4)

@Coder100 you basically just said "shaking my head my head"