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Woogle 1.5 is out now!! (Now with new updates!!!)

Hello Repliters!! Woogle 1.5 came out and I included a bunch of new features to it! These features include:

#> Added Flask web server attachment.
#> Better organization for wiki pages.

I got several feedback from many of you guys about the previous beta edition of Woogle. I get the previous one wasn't the best, but now I added a Flask web server attachment, so you can easily see the wiki pages on the server.

Keep in mind! Any links on the Wiki page in the web server when you use Woogle, won't work. This is because when you search up a wiki page, it only takes the HTML from that page. Not from any other page.

I will include more improvements for Woogle in the future. If you have any questions or feedback for Woogle, join the discord server below and you can file for a support ticket in the support channel.

Official Woogle Server:
My Channel (you will get some updates on Woogle from here-as well as more content that I make. Make sure you subscribe to it so you won't miss a update on Woogle or any other Python-related project I am working on):

Thanks for checking this out, and I hope to see you guys later!!


Disclaimer on the Wiki link issue:

When you search a wiki page, lets say the wiki page for Python, it will take-and only take-all of the HTML and CSS from that single page. However, when you click a link, it won't work. The reason why: Because when it is scarping and loading the web page's code, it is only scraping the HTML from that single web page (the Python wiki page), not any other web pages where the links go to. Sorry about this issue, guys. I will try find ways to fix it in the future.