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ThisUserTaken (237)

Who's That Pokemon?
It's ThisUserTaken! lol jk.
I was bored and this was a python class project, so wynaut?

How to play:
Simple. Guess the pokemon.

Feedback is absolutely appreciated!
Hope you found those pokemon puns a-mew-sing

RayhanADev (1967)

Me getting everything on my first try lol.

TsunamiOrSumth (552)

why are virtually all of these gen 4
also @RayhanADev @ThisUserTaken whats ur favourite gen

RayhanADev (1967)

@tsunami21 gen 1 remakes or gen 2 og!

ThisUserTaken (237)

@tsunami21 gen 3. thats when regice boi came in.

ThisUserTaken (237)

@tsunami21 everything is gen 4 cuz ive been too busy to add more pokemoooooooooooooons.

ThisUserTaken (237)

@tsunami21 sure. wait wanna do it in the PokemonNerds team. We could do it there?

ThisUserTaken (237)

@tsunami21 created it! go to the games folder!

ColinKirsch (0)

pokemon puns are the best. i use them in class

TsunamiOrSumth (552)

i got this first try like 10 times in a row, lost streak to a spelling error, fml