Hey folks! A lot of you have been asking me the same kinds of questions, so I figured i'd make a handy FAQ:

1. What's the theme?
The theme is music!

2. Does this mean my repl has to play audio?
No - it doesn't. You're free to interpret "music" however you'd like! One of my favorite music-related repls we've received on the site is @jajoosam and @thesephist's, which didn't play audio but did generate fake lyrics. It's all about what you want to create. Not sure if your repl fits the theme? Hit me up on Discord or post here - I'm happy to talk you through anything.

3. So... what's the deal with copyrights?
This one is kind of nebulous. My best advice here is not to use any copyrighted songs, because you never know how you'll want to share your repl or where.

4. How much of my work can be from libraries or previously made?
"Original content" means this: don't steal other people's work! Things that are open source, libraries, are free to use with attribution, etc. are fair game.

5. How will my work be judged?
We're looking for creativity and execution here. This doesn't mean it has to be super complex though. If an idea is good, an idea is good!

6. What language should I create my repl in?!
The cool thing about a flexible theme? If you can find a way, you can do it. Web projects have so far proven to be popular though.

7. Can I create my entry elsewhere then c/p it into a repl?
No :-( The idea here is to use!

8. Can I have (a) partner(s)?
Sure can! We encourage folks to use Multiplayer for group projects.

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Who judges the competition? Is it the sponsors or you guys? (sorry if this was already answered somewhere else!)


@hahahoohoo the judge is apparently the CEO of Genius!