[ GAME ] Press Enter To Win!
Coder100 (18845)

Press Enter To Win

Do you want a completely TERMINAL-BASED game made in C++ where all you do is press enter?

Yeah me too so that's why I made this.


I wanted to try my hand at some more C++ again, and never again will I do that again too unsafe back to rust.

How To Play

Press Enter, or not.




Hope you enjoyed the game! Don't forget to fork, comment, and react!

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fuzzyastrocat (1867)

@Whippingdot, I think @Coder100 summed up my idea very well. Sure, having lots of features is great, but it's absolutely useless if they're not managed in a way that allows the user to gracefully include them. And C++ completely failed in that respect since they just followed after C — as I put it earlier, they added their features to

a system (C) which doesn't work well with having huge numbers of features ... and they ended up with a mess

@xxpertHacker linked the repl to illustrate how horribly unreadable and mangled C++ can become.

Here's a good reddit thread on gamedev in C++: https://www.reddit.com/r/learnprogramming/comments/c892va/is_c_better_that_c_for_game_development/