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Mrunank (63)

Play this game! Use the arrow keys to move. It is made via js. Can I have some feedback on how it is too? It is imported from my repo on Github. You can see it on GitHub too:

SudhanshuMishra (202)

Idk why but this is not running for me still seeing that its working for the others i will proceed to updoot :D

Mrunank (63)

@SudhanshuMishra how does it now work for you??

SudhanshuMishra (202)

@Mrunank this is still not working ... but i upvoted coz I can see the code is some hardwork :)

Mrunank (63)

@SudhanshuMishra It is a lot of hardwork. Not just some

SudhanshuMishra (202)

@Mrunank oh yeaaah , This is a lot of hard work

SudhanshuMishra (202)

@Mrunank its afternoon for me wel Good night :)

Mrunank (63)

@SudhanshuMishra Here too its afternoon. All my discord friends have a night there currently, so I thought there is night there too right now. So I wished a good night. I am in India. Where are you?

SudhanshuMishra (202)

@Mrunank lol i live in india too In harayana ...btw I've invited you to my team

Mrunank (63)

@SudhanshuMishra Oof. I live in Maharashtra. Whats your age? Im 13

SudhanshuMishra (202)

@Mrunank Plz join my team ive invited you

NehalRam (4)

@SudhanshuMishra I live in Andhra Pradesh and I am 13

tussiez (1502)

@SudhanshuMishra Still not working.. D:
Might just be my internet, my ISP is having issues all over

SudhanshuMishra (202)

@NehalRam I invited you to my team hope you join

QuinnDuncan (2)

Make it so you can race against AI, make your car blow up if it flips over, and add randomly generated maps and you've got yourself the best game on repl ever. Seriously, this is an epic game. This is already one of the best games I have ever seen on repl and just add those features, you've got a game you could put on the app store. You've got mad skills dude and I would love to see what other things you do.

DrakeFletcher2 (21)

@Mrunank Cool! I am 13 too. I have been upgrading your code. (I am working on background rn) I also want to make it so you can't drive through one side (bottom). here is the link:

Mrunank (63)

@DrakeFletcher2 Great! I will check it out

catspython (27)

try and guess how I did this!

Mrunank (63)

@catspython Go very back, then make the back wheel fall down from the cliff. Then hurry up, and then press the right arrow key, which will get the back wheel down, and the front wheel up on the ground.

ErrorbotTHE2nd (7)

you know that you could try p5.js and matter.js?

also add colitons with the flor and car

Mrunank (63)

@TheCheeseCoder What do you want to say? Can you explain please?

TheCheeseCoder (64)


the physics are just weird: like upside down cars. But thats what makes it fun. It pog

TheCheeseCoder (64)


the physics are weird, like upside down cars. But thats what makes it fun. Its pog

eric896xia (1)

When I want to beat the game right-side-up and accidentally turn upside down. ☹️ But then by driving really fast I turn the car over and beat the game! 😃

Brendan23 (137)

@Mrunank maybe you can add a celebration or animation for when you get to the end.

LaneMartin (69)

lol i beat the game like this XD

LaneMartin (69)

I beat the game without going upside down lol

tchian316 (4)

This game makes me laugh when you are upside down

ninjaread99 (19)

great but there a few glitches. probably just lag on my end tho. sometimes you can go thru bullets.

zaydi (8)

Wow this is SOOO impressive the way you animated it to bounce the only problem is that sometimes it go's through the wheels BUT GREAT JOB and personally idk how to use github


its good and very bouncy

rubpec2 (4)

hes just chillin

BlobfacebyBSP (3)

@Mrunank Nice game but up arrow should be going forward, side should be leaning and down stop also you should not be able to go through the road.

Mrunank (63)

@BlobfacebyBSP Other than that, how is the game?

BlobfacebyBSP (3)

@Mrunank ok . . . ish I would change it to how I told you.:) no need to offend you.

bossawesome (6)

wow great job with the car physics i see how much time and work you put in this

Mrunank (63)

@bossawesome It took me a lot of time to make

bossawesome (6)

@Mrunank i can see that 🙃🙃

Nanowrimoijk (58)

reminds me of that mobile game jelly cars

BananaJellyfish (199)

i fell out of the world after travelling beneath the ground. but wow this is amazing!

MikeJMS8910 (105)

cause thats how cars work

TalinSharma (67)

The funny thing is I can still move!