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Replit Logo Made out of Repliters!
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Community Replit

Recently, if you were active on the replit discord, you would know that replit now has stickers! And so they announced a sticker contest, so here was my submission (it's already over, the results are yet to come.). It is a replit logo made out of replit community users. It's on Twitter too :)

Why the talk post

The logo probably doesn't include you. I forgot a lot of people while making it, and I'm really sorry, so if you could state your existence, I would happily add your profile picture! (With permission, of course.)

Why does it take so long to load

I didn't make any optimizations with profile picture viewing, and I probably won't anytime soon, unless someone has a simple bash or smth solution to downscale images.


Creating it was pretty simple. First, I took the replit logo from Wikipedia, as it was the only logo with png format. Then, I removed all color from it, so it looked more like the replit logo we see today. Finally, I masked that image with a randomly generated array of user profile pictures, to make it!


  • More pfps! (Can we get to 100?)
  • Image loading should be slightly faster
  • A nice little progress bar has been added, also you can check the console for more neat output

we did it guys


No attribution needed <3
Use as you wish


Don't forget to comment so I can add you to the list of replit users! Priority goes like this:

  • people that send an image of their profile picture
  • people that send a comment
  • people with a gif animation pfp
  • other

Also sorry

for forgetting you guys. You have been added.

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