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Disasternaut | A fast-paced and light-hearted survival game for Kajam2021



Hey everyone, we just wrapped up our submission for Kajam! Before going into more detail, we wanted to shoutout to our very first game jam submission which was submitted 3 years ago right here on replit! We have continued learning since then, and submitting this marks our fourth Replit Jam to date. We really just want to say a huge thank you to everyone on the Replit team and in the community who helped make these events happen and gave us the opportunity to push our limits while discovering a lot along the way.

Check it out!

Disasternaut is a fast-paced and light-hearted survival game developed by

, with original art from

External attributions for assets we used can be found in ❤️

Game Link:

Story rundown:

HUGE (Humans United on Galactic Exploration) Incorporated, a space colonization conglomerate is accepting applications for colonists! You are very intrigued by this offer, and decide to take it up. Disasternaut, the game, follows your journey surviving and expanding your planet into a resource farm for HUGE. You'll encounter countless hurdles, but never fear! For HUGENet, the top-notch space exploration artificial intelligence system, is on your side, one step ahead of any huge disasters that might get in your way. Oh, and don't forget about your personal HUGELog! Get the latest on HUGE news and survival tips straight from the source!

Go on! Become the intergalactic colonist you always dreamed you'd be! Make your family proud!

Tech stack:

The 2D game itself was built with Replit's own Kaboom.js. We integrated the engine with Vue 3 to allow for easy data management. All the onboarding and HUD elements are DOM-based, separate from the game engine. This simplified the process of writing a smooth-looking interface UI as we got to use CSS and the powers it grants us.

Building a web-based game simplified a lot of things for us. Firstly, cross-platform was easy as cake (we do not speak of Internet Explorer in these parts). Secondly, integrating both the DOM and Kaboom's engine model with Vue 3's magic reactivity sauce made updating state and reflecting changes super simple for us as well. Lastly, we used a lot of Kaboom's helpers (kaboom literally has helpers for everything) for things such as save state.

Overall, Kaboom is very simple to use while also being a very capable engine. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking it can only handle simple games ;)

Thanks! For reading, you can play it here. Feedback appreciated!

1 year ago
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