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Want to get some repls noticed?
bwoop (180)

I'm making a thing... well, you'll find out what it is soon. But i need repls to add. These repls could be yours or someone else's that you think deserves attention or is really cool! These games/projects could be Satisfying animations, relaxing games, RPG's, action, mystery, etc. You name it, i'll add it! So what're you waiting for? Comment an interesting repl!

also don't mind the repl, i just used it for the share

##Hey, i uploaded the repl! Check it out here!

bwoop (180)

@LAMAQDAHODWALA pretty cool! Do you want me to link the project instead of the site itself, because people can't really give feedback ON the website, but they could if it was posted, or if i linked the spotlight page.


Uh yeah sure you can link the spotlight page. @bwoop