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Waiting Simulator v1.4
Unfortunately (14)


KiKUP (47)

Hey! I improved your mechanism by a lot! You can use the improved version by clicking this link. Tell me what you think!

Unfortunately (14)

hey KiKUP, I love that version but if you wanted me to take it. I don't like taking other peoples creations because its just not right. But I do love your imporved version.

Unfortunately (14)

Sorry guys, I'm still learning Python so I don't have much stuff. There is a version that made that has upgrades which is still an easy code lel but its version 1.9

madmonster (29)

Please use a WHILE loop for the job
while True :
It will simplify your program

Cerberus_75 (16)

LMAO, maybe make it display as an integer and go up by milliseconds (1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and so on) and make it only display the time once not double, very "easy code ever lel" :D