Among Us
FloCal35 (668)

Yep, thats right, among us.

This is a short playable story of among us. It has many differant paths and over 1,000 lines of code. It took me over 18 hours to complete.
If you see any bugs, leave it in the comments.

Future content coming. Including...

  1. Kill/vent errors fixed
  2. New maps (Like the mars base and sky thing)
  3. More Paths (Mainly on the crewmate file)
  4. Randomized tasks (That one might take a while)
  5. Fix when you type something wrong it takes you to beginning (I've got a lot of comments about that)
    NOTE: Future updates have been canceled

Visit the updates section in the game for more

If you want to see your name appear as a game, type...

[My repl username] would like to appear on Among Us by @FloCal35.

EDIT: Yes, we reached 100 upvotes and have been trending for over 14 days! I'm glad y'all enjoyed it :)

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Smart0ne (743)

Wait a second ... are you actually connecting to servers? Like when you say "there are 7 people in the lobby", do you have actual 7 people, or are there just 1 person and 6 bots?

Also, another comment: When you play imposter, you always get the "connection closed abruptly" thing, so I'm wondering what's the code behind.

lmao also your "private mode" code shows that not real people are actually joining, you're just telling the user that people are there, but they aren't

FloCal35 (668)

@Smart0ne Sadly, I don't know how to actually make an online python game, so the lobby is a random number. However for the imposter thing, I do not get the error. Also, I'm glad you like the private mode thing

Smart0ne (743)

@FloCal35 Thank you for your sarcasm. I really needed that. :D