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Welcome Back To Week 2

Okay this is long overdue but here is week two of

's weekly newsletter. don't know why I pinged myself XD Today we'll start with a quick advertisement for Repl Unsolved, our Weekly Repl Spotlight, and a surprise announcement WOO HOO.

Replit Unsolved

Okay. Ngl I've been kinda running out of things to explore. So if you guys could give me ideas, 3 comments will definitely be in the next Replit Unsolved.

Weekly Spotlight

Ok. From our shareboard we have 3 of some of the great repls from this week.

  • Coming up first is

    's Repl DM sneak peek. Although not finished, the repl introduces us to new DM extension that is being built. I know I can't wait to get my hands on this

  • Next up is

    's stunning adventure game, The Labyrinth. A combination of a text adventure game and a maze (which is kind of what a labyrinth is) this game is sure to leave you in awe.

  • Last for our share repls is

    's FRACTAL TREE. This amazing combination of math and graphics is beyond awesome. Customize the settings and see what great tree you get left with. But be warn, setting the branch level above 2 might just break the page.


Okay so this newsletter is made for the community. Thus, it is also controlled by the community (kind of). So if you have any stories or ideas for a new segment, leave it in the comments. not really an advertisement lol


Okay this was this weeks newsletter. I really hope you guys enjoyed. If you guy liked please leave a ............ comment on what you would like to see next. Until next time, this is Robowolf signing off.

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Can't wait for 3