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Visual Studio Code on Replit!
adityavengata (18)

Hey everyone!

Yes, I got VSC running on replit. Scroll down to see the project.

The story:
I was going through a intermediate python course, when in the beginning they asked us to install VSC. They then told us to screenshot the VSC and peer grade. Of course, I like replit better, but also because I use a school chromebook, so I have no way of getting VSC running on chromebook. I then did the impossible, and got VSC running on replit.

I already did publish this on Replit Apps a few weeks ago, but just wanted to share this and explain the story behind it.

botApi (1)

Should I host this on a vps?

codingjlu (483)

Lol nice but why VSC when you have replit?

adityavengata (18)

@codingjlu For various reasons. Some schools still prefer VSC over replit, and us chromebook users dont have much of an option

codingjlu (483)

@adityavengata lol very cool but GUIs are hard to use on replit. Cool though you get my upvote.

adityavengata (18)

@codingjlu lol ty, yeah the GUI's are hard to use, but they become very fast with the hacker plan