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Vehicle Database Download!
rediar (520)

This is for people who want a dataset of vehicle information to mess around.

Great But... Why?

While working on another project, I tried finding apis with information about vehicles, but, suprise! All of them require payment. Being broke, I found the NHSTA government api. Problem is... it kinda sucks. So I decided why not just download the entire thing and add extra stuff the api doesn't provide (images from wikipedia, safety ratings)?
So that's what I did.

It takes so long to download!

Sorry. It does. However, with basic programming knowledge it is simple to speed it up by eliminating parts you don't want (eg. you really don't care about safety ratings or images), limiting the search to only Passenger Cars, if you don't need information on tractors, for example. I've tried to make it as fast as possible (in python), and it shouldn't lose progress.
I am currently downloading the database, and soon it will be completely downloaded, so you guys can do whatever you want with the data without having to run the script.

Notes is kinda shaky with programmatic file changes, so once in a while maybe stop the repl (don't worry, it'll save!), copy everything, delete it, and paste it back.
If anyone makes anything cool with this (or there's a problem, or you have a suggestion), feel free to comment!
Vehicle Types: ['Motorcycle', 'Passenger Car', 'Truck ', 'Bus', 'Trailer', 'Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle (MPV)', 'Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)', 'Incomplete Vehicle', 'Off Road Vehicle']
Years: 1995 onward
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