PYphone OS

I have seen a couple of cool mock operating systems on, and I really liked them. So I decided to make my own mock os. It is called PYphone. PYphone is a python phone "os" that allows you to download files, send and receive messages to emails and phone numbers, and even view network info!
First, remix the project to save your login info.
To login, you have to turn on "less secure apps" on your gmail account. (Sorry, currently only gmail works on PYphone.) Then replace "email" & "password" with your credentials. You also have to do the same thing on the other python file. You also need to change the variable "fromaddr" to your email. Click the big green run button. You are then logged into the terminal. Downloading files uses wget btw. I will be adding other alternatives soon. Looking at files in your Directory does not work on the version of this code.

7:38 PM
Fixed the error where it returns an error if your try to run command 4 on

Also to whom it may concern, I am working on a citation file where I cite snippets of code from certain websites.

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@Vandesm14 also happens to me