I made a TTS with my Voice

Have you ever looked at a TTS? Sure you have! You've probably heard your phone or smart speaker talk to you. Or maybe you've heard memes or videos with a robotic-sounding voice. That's a TTS!

What is a TTS? TTS stands for Text To Speech. This system allows computers to speak. Most TTS's are really complex and are AI-based, creating clear and realistic voices. The issue with AI-based ones is that they take time to perfect. Most people generally use built-in TTS's which aren't great, but they get the job done.

Oh, what about mine? Well, I basically recorded myself saying every single phonetic sound for the English language and compiled that into multiple audio files. The program basically finds the phonetic pronounciation for a word, compiles all the phonetics to an audio timeline, then plays the audio.

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Vandesm, you owe me 50 bucks for losing the bet we had about whether or not covid-19 would last until september. Btw, if you dont remember the bet I have audio recording, dm me on discord for that.


Lmao @rediar


@rediar Yeah, if you could DM me that'd be great. The audio better not come from this though 😜