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Update on the Brew programming language #9(String Decorators)
MocaCDeveloper (560)

Added in a few new syntax and features.

Sadly, I haven't gotten to any of the brand syntax yet. But I am planning on done that when I am doing with the memory management on the string decorators

So, I just realized, this language is going to be garbage collected AND offer users a chance to work with memory(don't know how that's gonna go :)

Anywho, I added in a few new keywords:
Reform, PushValue, To, alloc, START and END.

Reforms keyword

As of now, Reform has 2 keywords dwelling in it.
Reform: alloc: This feature allocates the amount of bits you give to it

make [S]name: "some name"{END{
        alloc:15 -# 
                    This will automatically allocate 16 bits + 32 bits 
                    since it is below a 16 bit allocation assignment.

Reform: PushValue pushes values to the beginning or end, or even both, of the strings value.
Example of Reforms keyword PushValue, we will be adding to both the START and END

make [S]name: "bob"{END{
        alloc: 32 # Allocating 32 bits for new string START. END gets automatically allocated
            To: START
            Value: "My Name Is"
              END automatically allocates memory depending on what memory START uses.
            To: END
            Value: "marles"
} -#We want to tab here, why not lol#-Tab: 2}

So yeah, that's basically it. Hope you guys are enjoying the language progress.
I put much hard work into it so far!

Upcoming Updates

  • The derived keyword. Since the reference keyword is basically a pointer, the derived keyword will get the actual value that the reference holds.
    It will be kinda confusing, because no matter what, the reference will always store the memory address, it's just if you have the derived keyword it will tell the reference "hey, give me the value", but keep the memory address.
    Yeah, pointers are going to be quite confusing in this language :)
  • The varconst and Print being ran at runtime. I have them setup in the parser, just not yet inside the runtime. As of now, it is just make variables. varconst variables will have different back-end affects and memory affects as well as runtime affects.

Thoughts and or ideas? Comment and upvote please and THANK YOU!

TheForArkLD (763)

I am waiting update everyday lol

MocaCDeveloper (560)

@TheForArkLD Lol. Thank You.

I am always available to do a project in Go or whatever you want :)

TheForArkLD (763)

@targetfanttthat :)
if i want collab again then i call you :)