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Unity Asteroids Game
SuperCoder100 (13)

Hello everyone! I saw all the super cool unity games on here and wanted to make my own! I worked super hard on this so please enjoy! Btw I'm only ten years old so don't expect too much :).


Nice! You’re on your way to a great future :)

LOLMcman (68)

It's honestly pretty insane to make this at only ten years old. Keep up the good work!

SuperCoder100 (13)

@LOLMcman Thank you for your kind words!

mathmaniac88 (21)

pretty cool, simplistic design. devilishly hard tho lol.

G0RG3 (64)

I'm 12 and this is SO much better!

AdamJerome (1)

This game is so cool! Its sick that your ten and making these complex projects

mkhoi (299)

This is nice! Great job, this is pretty good for a 10 year old :)