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Un-clickable Button!
InvisibleOne (2934)

For TimothyRowell's button challenge, here is my entry, an unclickable button made with css and javascript

Super frustrating, only a pro coder will be able to click it

Baconman321 (1097)

This newb:
"Only a pro coder will be able to click it!"


The rest of you guys only have methods that are partially the solution.

I'm the only one who actually has a method that allows the button to be clicked.

Get on my level!

Baconman321 (1097)

@InvisibleOne It literally took half a second after reading the post for me to come up with the answer!!!

InvisibleOne (2934)

I guess you really are a pro @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1097)

@InvisibleOne Nah I just know my way around with methods.

TBH I kinda suck at programming...

tussiez (1645)

@Baconman321 Haha ## document.removeEventListener('mousemove',runAway,false)


My strategy has been eclipsed 20 times over. This is the true galaxy brain strat @Baconman321

IOP3 (854)

The life of @IcynHackz

What a wonderful day to go on repl.


hits <enter>

Let's see what's on trending in share!

scrolls down

Un-clickable Button

HMM? Really? How can a button be unclickable.



Oh I dare all right

Few minutes later...


Few seconds later...



R.I.P @IcynHackz

p.s. don't worry, I got it after a few tries XD
p.p.s. Pogggggger
p.p.p.s you deserve my uPdOoT
Whippingdot (652)

oi tussiez why did you give out the secret. PRESS TAB EVERYONE PRESS TAB MUHAHAHAHAHA

Whippingdot (652)

shud i change the comment or... @InvisibleOne

tussiez (1645)

@Whippingdot I leak the secret document.removeEventListener('mousemove',runAway,false)

AndrewCudzinovi (167)

@InvisibleOne if you add tabindex=-1 to the button, it can't be focused on with tab

Wilke000 (636)

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Whippingdot


everyone is going crazy over pressing tab. Only the pro would do it this way

Baconman321 (1097)



That's not clicking it. See my method!

1andonlyaether (19)


any way that makes you win makes you win

Baconman321 (1097)

@1andonlyaether True, but it's not clicking the button, is it?
I'm friendly teasing ;)

Baconman321 (1097)

@Coder100 Wow, totally the best answer ever!

Totally the answer and not a fake alternative for CLICKING THE BUTTON EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY CLICK THE BUTTON!!!

nrael (0)

@Baconman321 It does click the button? That's.. why it works.

Baconman321 (1097)

@1andonlyaether Plz no swer (not allowed on replit).

Baconman321 (1097)

@nrael Do you use the mouse to click it?

That's not clicking it that's activating the button.

Eh, I mean if you think about it:

button click === activating,
tab+enter === activating
tab+enter !== button click.

Coder100 (18089)

yes it does
screen readers always do this, are you saying they don't count? @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1097)

@Coder100 Mouse click !== tab+enter

It is a valid way to activate the button though.

He said "click it", not activate the button with tab+enter, but whatever.

I guess I interpret clicking as "mouse button go down and page render it". But yeah, there are many ways to "click" a button.

However if invisible one sets tabindex to -1 yours won't work. Mine still will. And even if he adds a million buttons there still exists a way to click it (I'm not telling because then he'd make it even harder).

Technically, there does exist a way to render my method impossible. Also, @invisibleone I can collab with you so almost all of these methods are pretty much impossible to use ;)

nrael (0)

@Baconman321 The definition of clicking is an instance of pressing down and releasing a button on a pointing device, such as a mouse. You're still using buttons to activate it, so I would say technically a click.

Baconman321 (1097)

@nrael In the ambiguous definition I guess...

vys (15)

learned this from the maze games, but you just right click in a white space, then click on the button. easy.

CosmicWarrior (2)

I am able to get to and click the button but it doesn't do anything , and I think it should.

AbnerMurillo (0)

I got it!! Beat that!

RhinoRunner (866)

it wont let me click it

NightxHearts (20)

touch screens be like =-=


all I did was make it go to your mouse

xXJohnDoeXx (6)

the kid with an autoclicker: "sets clicking location to middle of screen moves button to middle"

1andonlyaether (19)

It's really not that hard guess im a pro coder

JosephLaRose (4)

Don't call @InvisibleOne a newb, just because you know the solution that doesn't mean you can be rude.

InvisibleOne (2934)

I don't feel like he was being rude @JosephLaRose

JosephLaRose (4)

Alright, then I'll drop it. @InvisibleOne

TimothyRowell (71)

Lol you post got more then the challenge Good job

codingjlu (177)

@InvisibleOne you can disable the button outline so the tab trick won't work.

tussiez (1645)

@InvisibleOne use tabindex="-1" pls lol

InvisibleOne (2934)

you could just put got_me() into the console @programmeruser

Baconman321 (1097)

@programmeruser Newb way!

That's not even clicking it!

Oh wait, it is....

But it isn't in one ez step like mine >:)


bruh w my touchscreen i can just move my mouse to a certain point then click on the screen(with touchscreen) so that the button is over the mouse then click with the mouse.

TimothyRowell (71)

Oh. Nice Your either 1st or 2nd place. Good job