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[UPDATE] Userfinder!
angrydoge (465)


I finally got to adding some new features! Here they are!

Just added

  • User title
    = The users title, for example, Coder100's title is "Coder god". It will print that.
  • Business/School
    = Prints the business the person works in, or the school the person goes to.
  • Hacker checking
    = Checks if the user has the hacker plan.
  • First pinned Repl
    = Prints the first pinned Repl on the users account! I tried to get more but couldnt.
  • Cool formatting!
    = Colors and Bold and stuff like that!

Weird error:

For some reason if you try to search for tussiez, it breaks. Works fine with everyone but tussiez.

Okay bye!