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Typing Test
Anonymous847 (9)

Using this you can test how much of 1 word can you type in a set amount of time. I didn't add I timer Because I don't know how But you can use your own timer.

The word is beef or Beef. once your time starts Type beef as fast as you can, each time you type beef you get +1 point, and after the timer is done count all your points to receive a high score But each time you type in the wrong thing the program automatically stops working and you have to start over

if you want to add your own word just fork it and replace all the beef in the code with your own words

Things I wanted to do but couldn't:

I wanted to make the +1 point a green color but I don't know how :/

I wanted to add my own timer and after the timer ends it just shows you your score instead of you having to count it all but I don't have the skill to do that :/

The code looks a lot but it's only about 10 lines. I just copy and pasted the same thing over and over cause I don't know how to make it do a loop

Despite how simple this code is it took me 2hours to make and I would really appreciate an upvote 😅

InvisibleOne (3191)

You know that you could just use a while loop to do this right?

Anonymous847 (9)

Click clear after each attempt