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Replzon (Amazon)

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After months of workand school I present:



This is a simulator based on Amazon. Of course I can't really deliver items to your house unless im a billionaire, so i made it a sim(simulator).

Commands/How to use

  • help for help
  • mission to get credits/coins
  • profile to log in and out
  • credits to take a look at your current balance
  • prime to buy prime membership
  • cheat to cheat and get lots of credits (and i mean lots, lol)
  • items to look at current items in stock at Replzon


Literally, most of the code is if and elif's. Honestly, I would've made the code with dict, but i don't fully understand it... ANyways, yeah. on to the next


Try to get all the items(without cheating pls, lol), including prime membership!


  • replit
  • Amazon
  • python
  • replit tutorials
  • books and websites

Other projects

That's it! I hope you enjoy!

stay inside!
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Lol how? My first ever Python project was literally 4 nested while loops and a CRAP TON of if/elif/else statements lmao.

Everyone does start somewhere, it's called progress.