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PYer (4009)

Open in full screen: Timer
I coded this timer. You can type in the amount of minutes, and the amount of seconds you want it to last. It prints the numbers in ASCII art, and the color is randomly generated to make it more appealing. "TIMES UP!!!" is displayed when it is over. amasad told me about bell codes and now it makes a beeping sound! Thank you, and please upvote if you like this! Thanks again!

gantr833 (163)

Really Good Job. It skips a couple of numbers when the writing runs behind. Overall, great job!!!!!!

PYer (4009)

@gantr833 I fixed that a few days ago.

JHightower835 (13)

Sorery to bother but there is no volumne to this program. Could you please turn the sound up

JHightower835 (13)

@JHightower835 Nevermind, just remebered I don't own a computer

B0T (16)

this is awesome!

HappyFakeboulde (241)

A few bugs (otherwise it's pretty good):
Line 24 -- waiting 0.9 seconds, even though it would make sense for it to be one second... why?!
Line 3/4 -- you get the starting time before the user input, leading to bugs with the timing being off by ~20 seconds (it could actually be any amount, i guess that's just how long it took me
Line 27 -- you know python has string multiplication, right?

PYer (4009)

@HappyFakeboulde Thanks! What is string multiplication?

HappyFakeboulde (241)

@PYer It's a feature of python in which you have a string, the multiplication operator (*), and an integer. It's an expression with the value of the string, repeated a number of times defined by the number, as a new string, e.g. "hfb" * 3 == "hfbhfbhfb". There's also a similar technique with tuples and lists. For another example, see line 27 of my modified timer program.

HappyFakeboulde (241)

@PYer BTW the link's broken from you changing your username

PYer (4009)

@HappyFakeboulde Oh yeah. I know what you meant. I didn't think of doing that. Thanks.

HarperframeInc (456)

It's a normal clock, but its not a normal clock.

PYer (4009)

@HarperframeInc I'll take that as a compliment

amasad (3447)

This is awesome! I'm going to use to time my tasks. I'd love for it to make sounds so I forked it and add it the BELL code. Can you update it?

PYer (4009)

@amasad Yeah! Thank you so much for showing me the bell code!

DrankArizonaIce (128)

That's pretty cool!
You should make it display 2 digits (01, 02, 09, etc) for the seconds like it's an 8 segment display :0

PYer (4009)

@DrankArizonaIce Oh. I will try to fix that. I didn't notice that. Thanks for telling me!


Now this is impressive nice work!

coderash (286)

So cool, could you add a stopwatch as well?

PYer (4009)

@coderash Good idea! I will work on it later maybe

mkhoi (299)

I LOVE ASCII ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PYer (4009)

@mkhoi thanks! I used @replitcode codes ascii art module.