Blackjack on your terminal!

I developed the famous card game BLACKJACK with a command-line interface. I used C++ to develop this and while the code is not that complex, I believe the implementation is pretty solid; plus the code is also easy to understand (hopefully). I realised the idea is not so unique, but I haven't really found the perfect Blackjack game that uses data file handling, ace switching, etc.

I really hope you like and enjoy it (leave a star if you do). The repository is open for contributions under the MIT License:

Try it at

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This is awesome!! You should make Texas Holdem, I have wanted to see A Texas Holdem game on repl for so long, I suck at making poker games and have tried it a bunch, but I think you have what it takes to do it, Great job on this!!


@BobTheTomatoPie I'm sorry, I've never heard of Texas Holdem but I shall research into it and try making it. Thanks! :D
The code is incredibly easy to understand and very object-oriented, so hopefully it'll be easy to understand if you go through the repository; you may be able to create card games on your own. :)


texas holdem is very easy to understand, i bet you could learn it real fast.
a great way to get some insight of it is by watching the movie rounders with matt Damon and ed Norton. But if you would like me to send you the rules and stuff just dm me on discord BobTheTomatoPie#6950, I will try to learn how to make a card game like this, but I don't know the language, good luck with your next projects :D send me the link to the next stuff you make cause I'm excited! @ineshbose