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The smallest, yet also the weirdest Roman Numerals converter
SixBeeps (5221)

You heard that right.

This is objectively the shortest number to Roman Numeral program I've ever written, and I think it may be the shortest one ever. It is three lines long with a total of forty-two characters.

It does come with a negative side, though.

The language I coded this in is called INTERCAL, which stands for Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym. It is considered the first esoteric language to have ever been designed, and as such, it is very limited in what it can do and how it works.

INTERCAL cannot read Arabic numbers, so simply entering 5081 will not work. Instead, you have to spell out the number in English, all caps. FIVE OH EIGHT ONE and FIVE ZERO EIGHT ONE are both valid inputs. Also, according to the manual:

Attempting to write in a value greater than or equal to SIX FIVE FIVE THREE SIX for a 16-bit variable
will result in the error message, “DON’T BYTE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW.”

Thanks to @cbrewster for helping me wrap my head around Nix Repls and ultimately making this possible.

So uh, yeah. Have fun.

ConnorBrewster (9)

This is awesome! I've never seen INTERCAL before; it looks very... interesting.

SixBeeps (5221)

@ConnorBrewster Hehe thanks! Yeah, INTERCAL is certainly a bizarre language. This only scratches the surface of what it does differently.

DynamicSquid (4919)

@ConnorBrewster Hey, quick question, for the new Nix manager Replit is moving towards, it seems so easy to set up and get started! Will this phase out Polygott entirely?

ConnorBrewster (9)

@DynamicSquid yeah the plan is to eventually move everything over to Nix, but we are still early in that process and things are subject to change :)
But overall, Nix gives people access to many more tools & compilers than Polygott does and it removes a large maintenance burden from us. Win win!

Writerfrighter (25)

I can 100% Understand this

noway15 (97)

I have acronym.
Really, just debatable
(A(lright, I'll say it, this language sure uses a lot of unknown characters))

DSAEvan (23)


You should also put as many beeps as the number's value.

FlaminHotValdez (691)

I have no idea what the language does