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The life of freelancing
MocaCDeveloper (713)

Ignore the repl.( or get a hint of what's coming ;) )

I just wanna brag about my career taking off in the world of freelancing. I have 3 projects going for 3 different people in a matter of a week.

Ahh yes, the life of a freelancer :D

👆👇P.S: This is why I have not followed up on decoding image formats, yet. Be watching ;)

DynamicSquid (5023)

Is that an OS?

Also how do you debug C/C++ applications in VSCode? I use VS for C/C++, the only reason being it has an awesome debugger

MocaCDeveloper (713)


Is that an OS

hmmm.. who knows?

Also how do you debug C/C++ applications in VSCode?

Good question. I just installed the recommended extension that VS recommended upon writing/compiling the C code.

Beforehand I had some shitty debugger because my VS always crashed(reasons being I didn't install it/configure it correctly) with the current debugger I have now.

I cannot say the name off the top of my head, so I will let you know what it is I got tomorrow when I boot up my PC!

Also, I have found that creating a Python socket server on windows for connections from linux machines is quite simple, and fun. I am currently creating a server to run infinitively on my Windows PC that will allow connections from my linux machine, that too will be running infinitively
Why? Well, I have a old crappy chromebook with a virtual linux machine installed on it, and I really dislike having a crap ton of files on my PC just cluttering the file manager.
So, I decided I'd make a server that will allow me to transfer files to and from my old chomebook. It's almost like I am using my Chromebook as a storage unit to just store stuff I don't need.

Pretty interesting.

DynamicSquid (5023)

@MocaCDeveloper Awesome! Can't wait to see that :)