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📈 The Stonk Exchange 📉
mat1 (4402)

The Stonk Exchange

The Stonk Exchange is a stock market simulator on Discord with a twist. Instead of investing in real companies, you invest in your fellow server members.
It's not human trafficking I swear.
Join the Stonk Exchange

How does it work?

When you first join, you start out with only $100, and there's also a certain amount of money in circulation.
You invest certain amounts of money into users of your choice, which lets you own a percentage of the user. For example, if the user has a net worth of $100 and you invest an additional $100 into them, you'll own 50% of that user and their value will increase by however much you invested in them.

Then, once the user's value increases, you can sell to make a profit. So if you own 50% of a user, and their value goes up to $1,000, you would get $500 back and make a total profit of $400.

How do I use it?

Since it's a Discord bot, it has certain commands that you use to do things.
You use $bal to check your balance and net worth,
$buy @​user amount to buy part of a user. sell @​user [amount] to sell part of a user, etc. There's a full list of all the commands in the #how to use channel on the server.

Is it a bot or is it a server?

Both! It's a Discord server that contains the bot.

How do I join?

Go to to get redirected to the Discord server invite.

How do I view the leaderboards?

You can either run the $leaderboard command, look in the #leaderboard channel, or go to for a full leaderboard.

Where's the source code?


I have another question that's not answered here.

Please feel free post a comment on this post or send a message in the Discord server!

Don't forget to upvote this post!

Also, there's a lot of features I did not mention in this post such as charity, automatic investing through the API, donations, checking profits, checking user's stonk graphs, etc.

Please make sure to join The Stonk Exchange if this interests you!


@ebest and @allawesome497 kinda helped

rediar (503)

Very fun and probably addictive. Also the best discord bot I have seen in a while. I will be asking the FDA to investigate.

joshwood (117)

@rediar Oh no! Not the Food and Drug Administration!

ICUP3339 (0)

What did you sue to host the bot?

awesome10 (231)

wait you can import discord? does that mean i can import GOOGLE?!?!?

ebest (666)

I need CREDITS @mat1
All Awesome does too

Zavexeon (1163)

I'll take your entire stonk!