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The Secret Code
FelixF809 (5)

There's a secret code. You're trying to figure it out. Once you're done, something will happen.

Addiction (5)

What are you supposed to do????

FelixF809 (5)

@Addiction There is a secret passcode. try to figure it out (hint: nounnounnumber)

Codemonkey51 (1057)

/tp @p 777 77 777 3rd question should be: tp @p 777 77 777 bc command blocks don't need the slash

CodingPseudonym (41)

Bruh I typed Netherite Sword Sharpness 5 and that's wrong...

FelixF809 (5)

@CodingPseudonym remember no uppercase letters and you have to say "enchanted with"