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The Price of Adventure (Game Jam)
CarlosAlbertoAlberto (23)

Please play using Firefox. Chrome is blurring the text on the canvas!

This is my first ever submission for a Game Jam. I tried to create a game in javascript using most of the language without libraries, but for ease of development and understanding, I choose to use the ES6 syntax, so it will work better on more modern browsers (the latest Firefox is perfect so far).

The game will (hopefully) be an retro adventure that resembles a gameboy game in style (and resolution).

During the development it will have (many) bugs, so if the game does not load, please try again later.


  • The game runs better in another window or tab.
  • Use the ARROWS keys or WASD keys to control the character.
  • Use Z, X, SpaceBar, ESC and ENTER as action keys, as if
  • A = X or Space
  • B = Z or ESC
  • Start = Enter
  • (sounds complicated but it will be natural for any emulator players :))
  • The objective? See how much money you can gain by any means.
  • The game has a story, but because of remaining time I will focus on the Casino Arena Stages, so, the story may appear incomplete. You can interact with the NPCs to learn more about the background story of the game.
  • You can save anytime when not in the arena, just press Start (Enter) to select the option.
  • For the Brazilian users: The game are translated to Brazilian Portuguese, just select the language in the options menu.
  • For the English speaking users: Sorry for any grammar error, English is not my main language. :)


  • All the sprites of the game are made by me or by my wife (thanks darling!)
  • The sound effects are made using
  • The fonts used are all made free by their creators, I left the link and the name of the author in the corresponding json files.



  • If you use a very famous combination cheat code, you can access the debug menu and see all the stages and rooms (even unfinished ones), just remember that B = Z and A = X.
lsambrook (287)

Excellent game and great graphics!

katyadee (1288)

I... can't stop playing.

CarlosAlbertoAlberto (23)

Thank you. I hope you enjoy the finished game. (and I hope I can finish it in time. :) )

cerbers (3)

faire une hitbox plus facile a comprendre
et reduire si possible le personage

Luisfetoga (119)

I love your game, definitely the winner for best graphics!

KiKUP (47)

Amazing game, but I died when I entered the slot machine (I fought in the arena once and had $42).

CarlosAlbertoAlberto (23)

@KiKUP Yes, it is very easy to run out of money and die at the beginning, the slot machines can add a lot but also decrease a lot, which is quite risky. Thanks for playing!


i usually @KiKUP i usually get 3k in the beggining by giving the homeless man 4$ And then straight to areana and boom

AbrahamTinajero (26)

Oh my god I wish my game operated like yours, this is so crisp and clean I love it.

CarlosAlbertoAlberto (23)

@AbrahamTinajero Wow. Thank you for your appreciation.

CookieSnowOwl (41)

it works now, GREAT GAME!!!!!

CookieSnowOwl (41)

It doesn't work... seems like a good game tho i can't do anything after i interact with the television and nothing happens except the screen turns blank when i enter the staircase...

MkisiPlayz (0)

Holy crap, out of all the games I played this is the best tbh.

CarlosAlbertoAlberto (23)

@MkisiPlayz Thanks! I'm glad that you liked.

MkisiPlayz (0)

It's really unique it deserves its own steam game @CarlosAlbertoAlberto

Zachary007 (9)

good game but, I have a problem when I start the game and I walk into the door the screen fades and I can't play nothing happens the screen is just green

CarlosAlbertoAlberto (23)

@Zachary007 That's strange, try it on another browser, it just need a canvas/javascript compatible browser like Chrome or Firefox.

zhidao (17)

anyone know the debug code?

CarlosAlbertoAlberto (23)

@zhidao They already said in the comments. ;) Thanks for playing!

ebest (672)

is it...


BradyGradowski (1)

Wow! This is fantastic.