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The Cube 🧐 [Personality test]
InvisibleOne (2678)

This is just a cool little personality test type thing I made using Ruby, which is a pretty cool lang if anybody is asking.
Anyways it's a smaller version of the test as you really need to with the person to test them correctly.

OldWizard209 (1091)

I swear when I saw this:

I got a heart attack....

But when I went to my PayPal I found this:

And then


InvisibleOne (2678)

Yeah Lol, I got the idea from the IQ tests that always ask you to pay them to get the results at the end @OldWizard209

OldWizard209 (1091)

Exactly, so damn annoying.. @InvisibleOne

TheC0derGirl (215)

@OldWizard209 yeah, i completed a literal 100 question test, and it said pay -_-

TheLousyCoder (1)

It says that since my ladder wasn’t leaning on my cube, I don’t feel the need to support my friends and family.
I’m just wondering how to lean a 7-foot ladder on a 6-inch cube.

firedragondnd (43)

I gave your 2400 UPDOOT !

maxina (46)

oh wow i never knew people used ruby lol

InvisibleOne (2678)

I don't use it too much, but it's a pretty cool language that's fun to use @maxina

CodingRedpanda (179)

half of me feels very insulted, half of me feels i need to give this an upvote

RhinoRunner (693)

10/10 yes or no question

typo im guessing

The cube represents you in your life, the bigger the cube, the bigger your ego
Your floating cube represents you being more of a loner and not requiring other poeple to support you


The color of the cube reveals a lot about you
You are intellegent, a perfectionist and judge yourself harshly, as well as being mysterious

not that mysterious, but ok

The ladder represents your freinds and family
The taller the ladder the larger your circle of friends and family
The ladder not leaning on your cube shows that you do not feel the need to support your freinds and family

half true

The horse represents your ideal partner
You care about comfort with your ideal partner
You don't care about control with the relationship of your ideal partner

define ideal partner.

The flowers are confusing, some think they represent your social life, aquantences, poeple you know but aren't really your friends
The smaller amount of flowers means you are close to your tight nit family

again, half true

The storm represents fear and obstacles in your life
The huge storm represents many large obstacles in your life
The scary storm shows that you are afraid of the obstacles coming in yoru life

again again, half true
yoru life lol

The thunder and lightening mean that obstacles in your life may be violent

not really, no

The rain could mean that you find yourself slogging through obstacles

again again again, half true

The storm in distance shows you are currently content with you situation

yep, pretty much
you situation lol

LingWu1 (88)

I am a independent person who does not really need the support of a lot other people and I am close to my family. Wow.

LingWu1 (88)

in fact for math I can´t stop asking my mom to help, so I do need SOME support lol @InvisibleOne

RayhanADev (1958)

This is actually pretty accurate, and my results were correct :)

TheC0derGirl (215)

lul dis is so off, go take the myers briggs test-

nice job though

InvisibleOne (2678)

This isn't a myers briggs test, its a Kokoro type test. And yeah, it's not the complete test since you really need to talk to the actual person to anylize the results @TheC0derGirl

TheC0derGirl (215)


Whippingdot (552)

lul why the yes and no

dO yOu sEe tHuNdEr

hOw iS tHaT pOsSiBlE
What sort of word is poeple

Bruh my cube size was like 1 with a million zeros brah + I was trying to copy kevin the cube from fortnite so the color purple has nothing to do with me

Gud jub other than that but everything is wrong about me (it said i am a perfectionist lul) so i can't upvote sadly

TheC0derGirl (215)

@Whippingdot yes, i will join you in no-upvote because it was so OFF and made my "personality" RUDE when im NOT

RayhanADev (1958)

@TheC0derGirl lol I feel so bad for you xD I'm sure you're a really nice person irl.

PikachuB2005 (8)

ರ_ರ the faces are mine.

Whippingdot (552)

lul you got support from the might RayhanADev brah. Also how do you find all my comments...seems u be replyin to all o' tem recently @TheC0derGirl

TheC0derGirl (215)

@Whippingdot i honestly have no idea, there normally always one of the first ones i see when i click on bob or trending, it's because u always comment

pancakeman8642 (0)

I feel like I'm being watched now lol

SilvermoonCat (429)

So I’m more of a loner... mm sorta correct.
I didn’t get a color... oh I should’ve just entered green
...You feel that you need to support your friends and family... yes
yu care about trust and not control with the relationshiop... not too right
Close to tight knit family... yup
I’m currently content with my situation. Um, not exactly in COVID lel

InvisibleOne (2678)

yeah it's not 100 percent accuarate @SilvermoonCat

SilvermoonCat (429)

@InvisibleOne Also please make green a color it’s so beautiful

DisplayVthex (0)

ngl this pretty accurate

LOGO923 (6)

REALLY cool! one quick thing, the link dosent work for me at the end and in the storm area it says yoru.

InvisibleOne (2678)

try copy and pasting it into the browser @LOGO923

angrydoge (474)

So number 1: yeah sort of. I dont talk to my friends over quarantine because they argue so freaking much.

No color? Aww... My color was a shiny rainbow, sort if like a reflection where it changes while it moves.

Oh gosh no I do. I definitely need that support lol

Um if I was to get a girlfriend I would care about knowing what the relationships gonna be like, but not control it. I would like some tho/

Yes and yes. My family isnt exactly "tight knit" but I still love them :D

Oh no why obstacles. I am probably afraid of em tho. Yeah i'm content rn tho.

InvisibleOne (2678)

Lol, yeah I don't really talk to my friends either becuase I don't have any @angrydoge

IMightBeMe (31)

Now I know that this is broken; I am the opposite of self-reliant lol.

FloCal35 (483)
Do you see any thunder?

I mean, I hear some thunder

LingWu1 (88)

It didn´t even give me the results...

InvisibleOne (2678)

?? It should of unless there was an error @LingWu1

LingWu1 (88)

@InvisibleOne I´ll try again, but first time it didn´t give me a answer.

LingWu1 (88)

and btw there are barely flowers in the desert. @InvisibleOne

Thotsub (1)

You should put your paypal in there to see who believes they need to pay you and say its a part of the test

InvisibleOne (2678)

lol, only I don't have paypal @Thotsub

Thotsub (1)

Damn. Guess you should get one just for [email protected]

IntellectualGuy (669)

I think it would probably run things if you did the same thing again and lied, maybe another test? Otherwise I really like it!

InvisibleOne (2678)

yeah, it just takes whatever you put into gets.chomp() @IntellectualGuy

IntellectualGuy (669)

@InvisibleOne Where'd you even get this from?

InvisibleOne (2678)

I did a psychology class as one of my dual enrollment classes and learned about these sort of tests, then I decided to try and make one in ruby since it is the language I'm starting to learn @IntellectualGuy

X24 (28)

You enjoy rich sensory experiences and are physically attractive

Why thank you!