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The Collatz conjecture
TomAnacondo (6)

The Collatz conjecture is an unsolved problem in mathematics. The problem is easy to learn, understand, and of course, code. Proving it, however, is very challenging. This article will give you more information.

While genius mathematicians try to solve the 84-year-old problem, you can test the conjecture right here, on (Notice the change?)
Fork it if you want.

Th3Coder (68)

@TomAnacondo amazing!!! I have tested numbers in quintillions, and it still works! Great code :)

Btw, what is CRED and CEND? Are they used to make the text green? Thanks!

TomAnacondo (6)

@Th3Coder That's right! CRED and CEND are used for the green text.
Thanks StackOverflow :)

Th3Coder (68)

@TomAnacondo ooh... okay, thanks! I also found it in StackOverFlow!