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The Awesome Game
TommyIsAwesome (36)

A python text-based adventure/survival game. Pls vote for this project and put in comments below.

Name12 (161)

good game though

Name12 (161)

so apparently I bought the wooden sword and diamond shield and got punched to death by Bib Biggly??

TommyIsAwesome (36)

@Name12 first of all thanks for checking out my game. I’m curious how you came across it though; its already 2 years old! This was one of the first games I made (probably during a boring class) and i don’t think the weapons and shields are balanced. Also, I can’t thank you enough to bring programming to my attention again; it still seems as amazing as it does 2 years ago when I was in 6th grade and someone showed me a simple python script that insulted everyone that typed on it. Tbh i dont even remember how I managed to make a game that actually works but I’m now inspired to make a better version of this and maybe learn a few more languages. Sorry for the long reply have a nice day :)

Name12 (161)

@TommyIsAwesome first of all, thanks, and second of all, I was boring and scrolling down in reply talk for a long time, then I came across it. it is very impressive that you can make this program during 6th grade. and by the.wa, I am currently 7th grade. make sure to check out my programs and leave an upvote if you like them (yah, I know, I'm advertising my own programs)and just by the way, I am not trying to brag about my coding skills.

TommyIsAwesome (36)

@Name12 oh my I tried to scroll down to a month but gave up in about 10 seconds; there’s got to be thousands of posts you got through! How long did you scroll for this to show up?! I’m honored that you played my game out of probably thousands of games in repl talk. btw I’m 8th grade and I’m laughing like there’s no tomorrow about my username from like 6th grade right now I really need to change it but I’m afraid it might break the links I have for my bookmarks to my repls I sometimes use

gvanminsel (4)

I bought the diamond sword and the wooden shield and won in two fights. a wolf and the dude with the map.

TommyIsAwesome (36)

@abelsantosh: I am going to add more when I have time and make the diamond sword less effective

KeaganLandfried (41)

Dude this is pretty cool. I'm working on a text-based game too.
A few suggestions,
1.) Your Repl keeps dying unexpectedly due to not having else statements if you don't submit the proper characters. I suggest you add else statements to the end of if statements
2.) Make it longer dude, this game would be great if it was at least 15-20min of gameplay
3.) Put some more spacing in your text. This can be so simple as just using print(" ") to skip a line, or you can use the skipline statement
4.) Use huge text lettering like this. (My game is called Evolution)

/--- | | /\ | | | --- --- /\ | |
| \ / | | | | | | | | | |\ |
|-- | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| \ / | | | | | | | | | | |
--- ^ \/ --- \/ | --- \/ | |

KeaganLandfried (41)

Well it looks like the lettering wont properly format on here, but here is a link to other fonts -
My font was custom but these ones are cool as well

Samougette (2)

I love it, but things like
"You do 292.19236494 damage and the giant do 60.1302834432 damage. You have 39.8697165568 hitpoints left and the giant have -167.19236494 hitpoints left."
ruin it a bit, make the minimum hp 0 and round the hp values. Otherwise a fun game.