Space-Blast UPDATE V 1.1.0
ReallyBasic (14)

Space Blast


Space Blast is a game created using a mix of p5 and matter.js. The goal of the game is to control your factory ship, build smaller drones and fighters, and ultimately destroy your opponent's factory.

Instructions on how to play are in the game.

Inspired by Pax Britannica.



V 1.1.0
Added graphics and audio to the game. Enable them via the 'options' button in-game. Enabling graphics will make the game run slower. Feel free to enable audio, but it is still buggy and will be fixed in future updates.
V 1.0.0
Initial release

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ReallyBasic (14)

Thanks for the suggestions! I added the 'particles' but really it is more of a motion-blur.
I will add the win screen to my list of things to do.