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Thank you
programmeruser (596)

In the Summer of 2020 (probably July), my Python teacher introduced me to He used Classrooms (which is now deprecated) to teach Python. Of course I tried some other languages such as Node.js (where I made simple HTTP servers with the native http module), which helped me improve my JS skills.

At some point in time I decided to learn C (probably in September or October). With the help of and I learned it and also C++.

I kept learning and creating things for some time.

My first major interaction with the community was when I posted my C++ Tutorial (probably in November), and got about 10-15 upvotes at the time.

From there I started being more active, answering people's questions and collaborating with multiplayer. also introduced me to Linux (mainly through messing around in the Linux VMs and @CodeLongAndPros's post) and has taught me a lot about it.

I would also like to thank the following people:
@xxpertHacker and @CSharpIsGud - for answering my questions that no one else on repl is smart enough to answer, and xxpertHacker for entertaining me with his viruses
@Coder100 - for helping out with the not so advanced questions (probably only 2 or 3)
@DynamicSquid - for introducing me to the right way to do lang dev
@amasad - for creating

My website is here:
If you're interested, the below repl is the first repl on this account.

programmeruser (596)

@xxpertHacker interesting that the pings didn't work. Did they turn pings off or was it just really laggy when this post was made?

xxpertHacker (930)

@programmeruser I've experienced this often myself, I think they straight up don't ping in posts sometimes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

programmeruser (596)

@xxpertHacker anyways, did you read the post?

xxpertHacker (930)

@programmeruser Yes, I cringed when I saw the strikethrough, since I never developed one. Why do you ask?