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How to make a video meeting app in 10 lines of code
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The Repl I shared below is a complex version of what I'm about to show you.
Here are the 10 lines code
I think the code is self-explanatory, you can check out the API docs if you want to know more.

Using this you can make a web app with literally 10 lines of code! The API docs are available here.

This is the link to their official site

You can check out the API docs and can add more features like screen sharing and much more! …

Happy coding!

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Thank you for sharing this method. I didn't know about it. In general, I usually just use already made applications. Our company quite often organizes various online meetings on different occasions with the help of This is quite a handy application. If I wanted to make an application for online meetings, I would make something similar because there is a very convenient and understandable interface. In general, such apps have become quite popular during the pandemic, which is very profitable for the creators.